What you MUST do for your landscape in 2018 Part I


Okay, y'all, we know it's reeeeeeeal easy to forget about your landscape during the winter.

Not much is blooming, it's cold and rainy and well, we'd just rather spend time inside where it's nice and cozy, right?  But when you think about it, your landscape is one of the first things you see when you come home from work, church or lunch.  It's where you spend time during the spring and summer watching kids ride their bikes or playing catch with your aspiring little leaguer, sound familiar?  So....what do you really see when you look at your landscape?

We have SIX BIG TIPS that you must do for your landscape in 2018 and today we are sharing the first three.  We really want to help you make your landscape a priority for 2018.  I mean, let's be real...we know you want to have a little something extra special to smile about when you pull up in your driveway or have family and friends over, right?!?!  Let's get started.


Everything starts with a plan!  Your landscape is no different.  If you want to improve your landscape then you need a plan.  Many people think of a landscape plan as a set of drawings, scaled out by a landscape designer or architect however, a landscape plan can come in many different forms.

It could simply be your thoughts and vision for your landscape written down on a piece of paper.  Put your vision into words on paper and voila, you have a plan!  Set a budget, prioritize and consult with a landscape contractor to help refine your plan and determine if your budget can meet the needs of your plan.


Break your landscape into sections.  What areas are you happy with?  What areas would you like to improve?  What areas do you just not like at all?

Maybe you love the symmetry of your front foundation plantings, but they lack color and need some strategic areas of annuals or perennials.  Do you have a small back patio or deck that really needs to be enlarged or rebuilt into a bigger and better outdoor space to entertain family and friends?  Do you like your current patio but a fire pit or fireplace would really complete the look?

What about your lawn...is it healthy but full of weeds?  You love the flowing curves of your lawn edges but the overgrowth from the wood line has been consistently creeping all the way to the edge and it needs to be naturalized back a few feet.  Take each section of your landscape and ask yourself all the three questions at the top of this section.


As you work your way through your landscape you may see very clear problem areas.  Things such as erosion and standing water are problems that have to be fixed before you can ever have a really nice landscape.

Improper drainage can lead to many issues like water in your basement or crawl space, dead plants, dead lawn areas or sections of your property literally washing away.

Maybe you have sections of your lawn that just will not grow.  These are just a few examples of problems areas you may see in your landscape.

Once you do these three things you are already halfway to having the landscape you always dreamed of.  Next week we will talk about setting a budget, prioritizing and hiring a contractor.

See ya then!