How to make your landscape stand out in a subdivision


I call them "builderscapes."

Same basic plants, same basic bed lines, one or two of the same trees in basically the same locations....every yard, over and over and over.

Have you ever wanted to make your landscape stand out among the crowd?  You have a beautiful home that is not the same as the other ones, but your landscape, well, it kinda is.  Today we are gonna talk about some things you can do to break the mold and turn your "builderscape" into a custom landscape that you absolutely love.


Consider changing up your bed lines.  Expand or contract your existing beds.  Smooth lines and definitive edges provide the base for a beautiful landscape.

Do you love your stone accents on your house but there are plants blocking it?  You do not have to have plants right up next to your foundation. Get creative, add some decorative stone or mulch in from of the accents on your house and shift or eliminate plants blocking the architecture of your home. Here is a great example of how the stone on this home is highlighted with not a single plant in front of it.


Transitional spaces like corners where your driveway meets a walkway or road are great places to build beds.  Frame your landscape with plantings along the property line.

planting-selection-02-300x75.jpg see what everyone else has, now change yours up!

Keep the plants that you like, remove the ones you don't like.  Search for proven winners for your region, look at pictures, read the requirements for the plants you want to add. Look for sun/shad tolerances, water requirements, growth height and spread.  The internet is slap full of information.

Pay close attention to the mature height and spread of your selections.  Do not plant shrubs that get five feet wide on two foot centers.


Add some accent pieces to your landscape to stand out from the crowd.  Some great examples are:

Boulders - a few strategically placed boulders can add depth and change the whole feel of your landscape.

Focal Plants - a dwarf lace leaf Japanese maple, a spiral cut Spartan juniper, pom pom boulevard Cypress and a large tree formed Holly are prime examples.  Put in the proper location and these plants can really accent your landscape. careful, it's really easy to have your landscape looking like the magical kingdom with too many.  Don't use more than one or two and locate them in focal points.

Bed edging - use steel edging or small field stone boulders to define your bed lines.  Clean and clearly defined edges are super important.  Using a bed edging material not only defines your edges but keeps your lawn from creeping into your beds.  If steel edging or rock doesn't flow with the feel of your home then trench edge all of your beds and keep them crips with a stick edger every time you maintain your landscape.


Making your landscape stand out is not limited to the daylight hours only! How about when it's dark?  Wouldn't it be awesome to have your landscape stand out then too?  Adding landscape lighting has many benefits:

  • It can illuminate walkways and paths in your landscape.
  • Highlight the architecture of your home.
  • Show off those accent pieces such as focal plants and boulders.
  • Provide an extra level of security to your home.

Use low voltage landscape lighting to illuminate the unique characteristics of your home and landscape.!


In my region, Bermuda is king for most neighborhood lawns.  Make sure you contract with a turf company to keep it weed free and fed properly.

A lush, green, weed free lawn is paramount for a nice landscape.  A reputable lawn care company will provide you with a plan detailing when and what they do each visit.  They will apply the proper fertilizer and weed control at the right times.  This service is generally very affordable and it usually costs less to pay a professional than to do it yourself.  Not to mention you will get better results.


You've made the changes to your landscape.  It looks amazing and different from the "builderscapes."  Now it's up to you to keep it maintained. A nice landscape will go to crap in a hurry without routine professional landscape managment.  If you want to go DIY then make sure you are:

  • mowing at the right height and frequency to never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at a time
  • string trimming every time you mow
  • edging all concrete edges and bed lines every time you mow
  • de-weeding every time you mow
  • pruning your shrubs as needed properly and at the right time of the year
  • blowing off all hard surfaces and turf where needed every time you mow

Professional landscape management is the single most important factor in a consistently beautiful landscape.  Hiring a professional landscape management company to handle all of these tasks is always a good idea so you can take back your weekends and just enjoy your landscape!


Till next time,

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