Our Top 3 tips for your February Landscape


Your February landscape can seem a little bleak at times, but there are still tasks to be done.

Do these 3 things now to add a little pop to your winter landscape and ensure a successful and beautiful landscape come spring.


Grasses such as Adagio, Maiden, Muhly and Hameln are beautiful mounds of gently waving blades with awesome tufts of blooms for most of the growing season. Now they are brown and tired looking. Tie them up and cut them off level approximately 6” above the ground. It provides a manicured look to your landscape and promotes uninhibited new growth this spring, resulting in a more robust plant.


Knock out roses can be the showpieces of  your growing season landscape when they are healthy and blooming.  During the winter they can look leggy and bare. Cut them back at least by half their current size and level them off. This also provides a uniform, manicured look to your winter landscape and allows them to flush out better in the spring. Remember knock out roses only bloom on new growth, so the more you cut back, the better potential you have for more profuse blooming come spring and summer.


This one task will add more curb appeal to your winter landscape than anything. It instantly provides a fresh, clean look to your landscape. Not to mention it slows down winter weed growth and insulates plant roots. Whether you choose pine straw or mulch is completely up to you, they both provide the same benefits.